Heightened food safety awareness and a need to ensure consumer confidence, Raymon J Land Watermelon Sales Producers have taking action. Last Year, we were proactive in establishing food safety standards.  Confident in our abilities and dedicated to the project, we spent an enormous amount of time and monies for the establishment of company wide GAP programs, and becoming PTI Compliant. 







Samples and certicates for Raymon J Land Watermelon Sales:

  • GS1 Company Prefix, Legal Entity GLN, and UPC Company Prefix along with GTIN  Item, Case Code Assignments, and samples.
  • Certifications of Training for Food Safety Development Programs.
  • Certification of GAPP Audits
  • Implementation of a through Assured Traceability System.
  • Certificate of Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
  • $2,000,000. Product Liability Insurance





The recent decisions by the Produce Traceability Initiative Committee will require GS1-128 labeling of all produce at the case- or item-level, placing the responsibility at the start of the food supply chain. Requirements include stringent barcoding and labeling standards in both machine and human readable formats. Some of this information can only be captured and generated at the time of harvest, such as harvest date, field location, and assignment of a unique lot-number. This will place a greater strain on the speed and efficiency of your packing and shipping operation.What Is The GS1 Traceability Standard? The GS1-128 label for produce traceability is a barcoded and human-readable sequence of numbers that includes mandatory and optional information. As illustrated, the codes include a GTIN number, a unique lot number for the case or item and several optional attributes that describe the product variety and origin, such as harvest/pack date, shift, and field origin.