Our Mission:  Raymon J Land Watermelon Sales is a logistics company, providing the art of managing the supply chain and the science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, involving the integration of product, information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements for the best interest of all parties concerned.


 Our History: 2012 will be our 39th year providing watermelons to the Produce Industry, providing 6 million individual watermelons, over 90 million pounds annually. Raymon J Land Watermelon Sales started in 1973 as a family owned and operated Produce Company continuing in that same tradition today.  We have seen the move from slow rail transport to today’s expedite modern transportation, from hand loading each melon directly from the farm to the transport providing each loose melon directly to the store by hand, onto the modern packaging, handled mostly by equipment, transported from advanced warehousing facilities to distribution centers across the nation.  Through the trend changes from larger to small fruit, from seeded melons to seedless melon varieties. 




Our Personel: Produce sales headed by Raymon J Land, Sr. owner along with Laura Land working in sales, transportation and head of Food Safety, Raymon, Jr., assisting is sales, transportation.  Raymon, Jr. (Jody) and Adrian Land also produce 25% of the companies total production volume. Annette Land heads the finance and accounting department along with three highly qualified accounting employees, Mitzi Carson, Debbie Shows and Donna Tummonds.  Adrian and Raymon Jr. (Jody) also head up the procurement of produce and on site inspection for quality control, with assistance from Adrian, II and other employees running our packaging facilities.  Raymon J Land, III oversees the payroll portion of the harvesting and packaging operation. 




Our Producers:  Experts in the field, commissioned, as stewards of the land for the economics of their own farms and for future generations, some of our producers are 4th and 5th generation farmers.  Meeting America’s needs is more challenging today because the U.S. population has nearly tripled over the past 70 years and continues in an upward march.  Meanwhile, the number of farms has plummeted, leaving just 210,000 full-time farms to feed, fuel and clothe more than 300 million Americans. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says 98% of farms are still family-owned businesses with embarrassingly low profit margins.   More that 21 million Americans have jobs rooted in agriculture, the industry boasts a rare trade surplus, and generates hundreds of billions in economic activity each year. We are confronted with the challenge of maintaining sufficient food and fiber supplies to support these large numbers, while at the same time preserving food safety and quality along with our environment.  Our producers are the best in their field, production spanning from Mexico, imported thru Arizona and Texas, thru all of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, and Michigan providing competitive supplies through maximum geographic coverage for US throughout the season. 




Our Transportation:  The field of transportation can be divided into three major aspects: infrastructure, vehicles and operations.  The trucking industry continues to be the lifeblood of the U.S. massive distribution system that supports our country’s high living standards. The trucking industry is confronted by a number complex challenges from safety and operational issues of the complicated network of roadways, continuous construction and navigating thru populated areas with overwhelming traffic to make strict appointments schedules, coupled with the daily requirements to manage hours of service, and other county, state and national regulations along with the new regulations mandating complicated engineering changes to equipment, and exacerbated by high fuel prices with no ease in sight.  The small owner-operators have proven over time, they understand today’s concerns and continue striving to compete and the Corporations have teams of personnel pooled to help provide networking of knowledge and routings of our transportation system. With our commitment from well over 100 Independent Owner-operators and 4+ Major Corporation Carriers owning over 100 trucks each with major hubs in the northeastern US and designated freight hauling lanes south, we feel our in-house transportation company enhances our shipping operation and empowers our abilities of total knowledge from the farm to the store.




 Our Commitment: We see food safety as a responsibility we take very seriously as we serve our customers, from the field to shipping docks and on to the distribution centers, a commitment to food safety governs every aspect.  Our in-house food safety program assures us that the maximum care has been given covered thru (GAP) Good Agricultural Practices, (GHP) Good Harvesting Practices, (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices coupled with our regular employee food safety training, supported by a vigilant supervision to ensure those safe practices are consistently implemented at every step of the growing, harvesting and shipping processes.




Our Future:  We have met our adverse growth changes and continue to strive for advancement within our industry along with our overall commitment to provide the best quality watermelons, with superior service and competitive pricing available for our customers.




Our Challenges:  Smaller fruit varieties making more pieces to sell producing greater profit for our customers, rising production and transportation cost, smaller families, and more restaurant patronage, incorporated by today’s struggling economy.



 Our Advantage: Most all our competing fruits condensed to eatable quantity average equal 2 cups or less, A Watermelon average equals 5 to 6 cups of eatable.  Watermelon is great tasting, loved by all customers and makes any event just a little more fun.  Watermelon is a concentrated source of carotenoids; lycopene, lutein, phytofluene, phytoene, beta-carotene and neurosporene, with lycopene present in maximum quantity.  Carotenoids are antioxidants in nature, which is essential for controlling free radicals, helping in the fight against cancer.  As watermelon is high on calcium and also high in vitamin C, it helps build up strong bones.  The antioxidant properties of watermelon strengthen and boost the immune system, helping the body in fighting off various infections, the nutritional value is unchallenged when it comes to reducing the risk of heart attack and other coronary diseases.  Watermelon is not called the queen of fruits during summer ime for nothing.  With 93% of its weight being water, this fruit can not only quench thirst but also provide the body with adequate amount of hydration and internal lubrication.  Adequate potassium in the body inhibits an unprecedented rise in blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk for hypertension, stroke, occurrence of kidney stones and promoting smooth functioning of the heart and kidneys.  Low on calories and high in fiber, watermelons are a weight watchers favored food.  Eating it regularly in a diet, as a mid day snack or as part of the main meal gives a feeling of fullness, with the right mix of health!!  At most retail prices, THE BEST VALUE IN THE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT.  DON’T YOU WANT A SLICE TODAY!!   



Our Goal: In the 2012 changing world, 

how can we better provide service to you, OUR CUSTOMER ?